Best Window Types For Your Home


A construction of a house cannot be complete without installing convenient windows. Moreover, even if you are living in an old house, it will still be necessary to replace those old windows at same point. There are different types of windows available in the market and they vary in style and price. Moreover, to find the best windows for your home you need to consider whether you want operable windows or fixed. The difference between the two is that operable windows can open, but fixed ones cannot.

Types Of Windows For Your Homwindows-for-your-homee

1. Double Hung Windows

These type of operable windows have a classic look. They have lower and upper sashes that open on the sideways. The reason why most homeowners prefer to install double hung windows is because they allow warm air that surrounds the roof to move out. That means your ceiling will always have cool air when the windows are opened. Furthermore, you can also find double hung windows with sashes that are easy to clean such as those that tilt inwards.

2. Sliding Windows.

Sliding windows are excellent for those who like windows that have more than one panel. To open these particular windows, you are required to move the panels horizontally along the lower and upper tracks. Advantage of sliding windows is that they are good for ventilation because they create a wide open space for air.

3. Accent Windows

Accent windows have a standard rectangular shape. However, you need to acknowledge that this is a fixed type window, which means it cannot open. But, it offers an excellent visual variety even though it does not allow ventilation. Accent windows have a unique look and they are easy to clean.

4. Glass Block Windows

These type of window are constructed by sealing together individual blocks with mortar. Glass block windows are also thick compared to other windows, which makes them durable. These break resistant glasses allow light to pass through and provide privacy at the same time. However, you also need to be aware of the fact that glass block windows cannot be opened, but they are designed with a built in vent for air circulation.


Once you have identified the type of window you want for your home, it is advisable that look for a trustworthy dealer with the best offer. Compare the price of the product you want from various dealers and be sure to get the best quality at an affordable price.