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Gutters or Garden?

gutter-cleaners-on-a-ladder-in-Issaquah-waTree’s can drop a lot of debris that quickly fill your gutters making them inefficient for the task they were designed to do.

Which, basically, is to move water away from your house and down to the ground at designated locations.

I’ve seen many gutters that look like the home owner is working on “container gardening” which is a funny way to imagine it but the reality is that when they get to that stage they are heavy with debris and moisture being absorbed by that debris. The solution is to clean those things out.

Which by the way we are only too happy to assist with.

Our Gutter Cleaning will remove the debris from inside your gutters as well any clogging in the first joint leading from gutter to downspout. This will leave your system free to work as it was designed to do getting the water from your roof to the locations it was designed to get to. How we approach this depends upon the pitch of the roof.

If walk-able we will do a roof blow for your Issaquah Home and then sit on the roof and remove the problematic debris with a gutter spoon. If the pitch of the roof is not walk-able we will use a ladder to reach the gutters and employ a pole and spoon combination to perform this task. Since a roof blow is not possible on a non-walk able pitched roof we will drag debris from the roof valleys down to where we can reach it and remove it from the area.

Our ladders are gutter friendly

When using a ladder on your roof we like to use “standoffs” so that there is less of a risk that our ladders are leaning against your gutters. (Leaning on a gutter with a ladder can cause a gutter rash that goes against our “Leave No Trace” mantra that we are always striving to achieve with each one of our customers.)

We are Your Gutter Cleaning Solution for Issaquah WA

We are not able to take debris from our work location away like a yard service does so know that our process is always to place the debris from your gutters into your yard waste receptacle. If you wish to have it placed elsewhere on your property just make sure to let us know at time of service and we will accommodate your wishes.

We look forward to helping your gutters live up to their design!

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