Kirkland, Washington – Things To Do While Vacationing With Family

Kirkland, Washington, located near Seattle and outlying cities like Bellevue in King County, is home to many great attractions and things to do. Whether you’re looking for an outdoor adventure, a historical landmark, a top-notch restaurant or fun with kids, you can find it in Kirkland, Washington. Hopefully, however, you do like outdoor adventures because there are plenty of them.

For starters, you have Juanita Beach Park and Juanita Bay Park. Hey, it’s the beach! These are two separate parks, and there are plenty of things to do at each location. As you can imagine, these parks are are great place to take the kids. Juanita Beach Park is also a great place to bring your pets, too.

vacation-ideas-in-kirkland-waIf you’re wanting to see the ducks and perhaps take some great vacation pictures, then you also might want to stop by Marina Park, which offers a great spot to plan a family picnic. You can also go for a swim and check out the nearby small shops and markets. Do you like to go hiking while on vacation? If so, then one of the popular things to do in Kirkland, Washington is to go hiking along the Cross Kirkland Corridor Trail.

If you’re there for the nightlife, Kirkland has some great bars and clubs. For example, there is Flatstick Pub, Thirsty Hop and Vovina. There are boat tours that you can book, and if you want to go bowling with the family, your stop is TechCity Bowl & Fun Center.

When you go on vacation, do you make a habit of visiting brewing companies that offer tours? I would like to tour the country doing this. Anyway, there is Chainline Brewing Company in Kirkland, and it seems like a cool place. There are tons of other activities and attractions to enjoy in Kirkland, Washington, and now you have several that you can get started with.