A Guide To The Most Effective Professional Window Washing Equipment

It is a very small proportion of the general population that actually enjoy cleaning their homes and windows; however, cleaning is a task that needs to be completed on a regular basis to ensure your property is free of health-hazards. Irrespective of whether you choose to complete window cleaning yourself or hire professionals to complete the task, there are specific window washing tools that make this task slightly easier. This article will provide insight into the most effective professional window washing equipment available and how it is used.

1. The Bucket

A cleaning bucket can be considered a basic tool for cleaning many items; however, there are various types of buckets associated with different cleaning tasks. The window cleaning bucket is a larger item that has the width to hold a squeegee and mop, and high enough to contain a suitable amount of soapy water. A professional bucket option will also be placed on wheels for easy maneuverability. This item is available at any DIY department store or online.

2. The Squeegee

One of the most effective, and arguably the essential window cleaning tool, is the squeegee. There are numerous types of squeegees available for purchase with the complexity of the item being dependent on the style of window. It is also important to consider your level of window cleaning competence as more detailed squeegees may be difficult to handle.

The basic squeegee is a fixed hand squeegee with no movement in the channel or rubber area. This tool can be purchased almost anywhere for a minimal amount and used by inexperienced window cleaners. If opting for a fixed handle squeegee it is recommended that you choose one with replaceable rubber fixtures. This means that once the rubber is worn, it is possible to purchase a replacement head.

The ideal squeegee used by professionals is the wagtail squeegee, the handle is not fixed and the head is able to move independently. This means the head can swivel along the window and can be navigated to areas out of reach. It is more difficult to manage, but can be highly effective.

3. The Mop

The mop arrives in two separate pieces: the t-bar or handle and the sleeve. The sleeve is placed on the “T” section of the handle and uses strips to remove marks on the window. The handles, similar to the squeegee, can be fixed or swivel; however, the latter has been noted as more versatile and effective.

4. The Scraper

A scraper is a window cleaning tool used to remove stubborn marks from the surface, such as paint or insect impressions. Small scrapers can be purchased for quick maintenance jobs and are useful when traveling; however, a professional window cleaning service will often use large scrapers inserted into the end of a scraping pole. This insertion allows the scraper to reach markings at unreachable areas. It is important to take care when using scrapers on glass as a scraper includes metal blades.

5. The Detergent

There are various types of detergent available for professional window cleaning and all individuals have preferences; however, some people will prefer to use organic options. Online research can provide information on which detergent would be most suitable for your needs.