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Visit Redmond, Washington And It’s Wonderful

redmond-washington-bicycle-capitalHere is a story from a friend of mine:

Me and my wife planned a trip to visit Washington state. We had always heard how beautiful it was and wanted to see it for ourselves. We have a friend that recently visited and showed us lots of pictures of different cities within the state. We decided to plan a trip and visit different cities.

Our first stop was Redmond Washington. This is one of the most beautiful parts of the state that we visited. I am so glad we made it our first stop. There was so much to see! Before we went we looked at things to do in this city. Since we love the outdoors, we decided we would visit a few of the parks. We planned a hiking trip too.

I got so many beautiful pictures of this city and the outdoors. I love that me and my husband got to visit here and see it for ourselves. We both decided that we would go back to Redmond Washington to spend more time there. Maybe next year we can plan a trip with a few more of our friends to stay in Redmond Washington. They wanted to go after they saw the pictures.

Kirkland, Washington Is A Beautiful City For Vacationers Or Relocating

kirkland-wa-overview-shotKirkland is a beautiful city, positioned quite nicely within King County in Washington State. It’s top attractions are beautiful parks and outdoor adventures, and of course if you want the hustle and bustle of the city, you can take a short trip to Seattle. Kirkland isn’t a small city itself, with almost 100,000 residents. However, it’s small enough for you to leave all of that big city stuff behind and enjoy a nice relaxing vacation.

Perhaps it’s not a vacation you’re looking for but a great spot for relocation to Washington State. Some of the things to do in Kirkland include visiting Juanita Beach Park, Marina Park and 132nd Square Park. As you can tell, you’re going to be close to the water in Kirkland, and you can go boating, paddle boarding or enjoy some nice fishing.

Kirkland does have a nightlife, too, so if you’re looking to be sure there are some nice bars and clubs, you’ll find them. Get ready to enjoy the beautiful city of Kirkland, and perhaps it’s greatest selling point aside from its beauty is again the fact that it’s located within King County. You can have your pie and eat it, too, if you get what I mean.

Bellevue, Washington is Great for Weddings and More

downtown-bellevue-waAfter nearly a decade of dating, it finally happened! There was a  wonderful boyfriend proposed marriage to his girlfriend. This was an event of great excitement not just to him, but also to his entire family who has long hoped they would eventually tie the knot. Because they have been looking forward to this event for such a long time, he wanted to make sure that the day itself was something none of them would ever forget.

Considering that both of their families hail from the western part of the United States, particularly the northwestern region, he was determined to pick a place most people could reach with a relative amount of ease. He also wanted someplace that would be picturesque and somewhat magical. Then it dawned on hime that there could be no better place than the family’s hometown, beautiful Bellevue, Washington.

Now that the wedding weekend has come and gone, he could not be happier with the choice they made. The event itself was glorious, almost everyone invited was able to attend, and the photographs they had taken are full of stunning natural scenery. In the end, they had the experience of their dreams, and it all took place almost literally in their own Bellevue backyard.

Going to Seattle? Visit Issaquah, Washington on Your Way!


Here are some great site-seeing trips while you’re in Issaquah:

Cougar Mountain Zoo – Great (and Affordable) Family Fun
A fun and cheap family outing awaits for you at Issaquah’s Cougar Mountain Zoo. See tigers, cougars, rare tropical birds and more with your little ones or for a fun date-night.

Planning a Business Trip?Issaquah has budget friendly meeting Spaces. See more about our affordable meeting space to spend time with your small group or conference pow-wows for planning, inspiration, team-building and more.

Do you like to get fresh air? Hike the Issaquah Alps
Spring through Fall is a great time to lace up your hiking boots and head up the dozens of trails on their easy to more challenging routes.

Sammamish, Washington Has Small-Town Fame

sammish-wa-cleaning-companyWhile being a relatively “new town” and officially incorporating in 1998, Sammamish, WA has a lot of history and plenty to be known for.

Sammamish, WA is seated next to the beautiful shores of Lake Sammamish. Beaver Lake and Pine Lake. You can visit one of their nine parks which actually connects to a regional trail system connecting you to more of beautiful Washington.

If you’re a film-buff, you may like to know that famous actor and producer Clint Eastwood was a lifeguard at our very own Beaver Lake in 1953.

Though we may seem small, Sammamish is home to several golf courses, aquatic centers, shopping malls, and our town center is a great mixed-use development.

Newcastle, WA helped pave the way for Seattle’s greatness.

newcastle-washington-gutter-cleaningNewcastle, Wa was a foundational settlement since the late 1800’s and played a great part in establishing Seattle’s success. Newcastle was the first town in the region with a successful coal mine and railroad that was able to fuel Seattle’s energy needs.This helped fuel the growth of the Port of Seattle and attracted notable railroads, including the Great Northern Railway.

Newcastle, Washington features a terrain full of beautiful hills that offer amazing vantage points throughout the city. Not only did this lead to the creation of Newcastle Golf Course, but led to the construction of many high-value homes at high elevations which allows their residents to get amazing views of Bellevue, Seattle, Mercer Island, and the Olympic Mountains.

Medina, WA has a fun history in getting its name.

medina-window-cleaningMedina, Washington is officially named after the city of Medina in Saudi Arabia, but it wasn’t an easy task to get the name to stick when the city was founded in 1891. T.L. Dabney built the first landing at what is now known as Dabney Point and allowed settlers to cross and enter the “Points Country.” As the population grew and a vote was held, the name Medina was approved, but Dabney was offended at the name. Over a period of a week, Dabney would remove the sign’s name of Medina and place his sign’s name of Floridine. Each night while he was out at work, the women who were awarded the name of Medina would change the sign back. After this back and forth sign changing, Dabney gave up and conceded the naming of the town to be Medina.